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Over 130 children receive bicycles in Seneca County January 4, 2021
Seneca Meadows announced on Monday that 135 children in Seneca County received a bicycle for Christmas. The Saturday before Christmas the families entered a drive-through contactless loop at the main entrance of the Seneca Meadows facility with all social distancing and hygiene protocols in effect per local and state guidelines. Through partnerships with Seneca County House of Concern, Seneca County Head Start, Seneca County Veterans Agency, Ovid Food Pantry, Lodi Library, Lodi Food Pantry, and Seneca Falls Backpack Program eligible children and families were selected to participate.
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22 years recycling Christmas trees in Seneca County January 3, 2021
SENECA FALLS — Seneca Meadows Inc., in partnership with the Waterloo Walmart, is once again recycling Christmas trees.
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