Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve
1712 Black Brook Rd, Seneca Falls, NY 13148


Aug 01 2024 - Oct 28 2024


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Community Calendar Photo Submissions

Enter the 2025 SMI Community Calendar Photo Submission

Send us your best shots of wetlands scenes, reptiles, birds and plant life from the Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve!  You have the opportunity to showcase the diversity of life and nature by capturing your favorite moments at the SMI wetlands preserve.  If your photo is chosen it will be included in the 2025 SMI Community Calendar that is distributed throughout Seneca Falls and Waterloo.

Help us tell the success story of this conservation project all while sharing your talents as a photographer.  Please submit your photos based upon the following categories.

Wetlands scenes
Plant life

Tips for a Successful Submission
The larger, higher quality photo, the better – higher resolution, larger image dimensions, etc.
You may submit up to four photos.

Photos must be in JPG/JPEG format
Image files should be no larger than 12MB
Use a digital camera resolution of 3 megapixels or greater
Images should be 300 dpi or more
Images must be in proper orientation (vertical or horizontal) and scale
If you scan a photo before uploading, crop the image to eliminate all white space surrounding it.

No obscene images are allowed. Do not send photos containing grisly, bloody or dead wildlife.
No solicitations or advertisements are allowed.
Images may not suggest or encourage illegal activity, racism, hatred, political messages or the like.

You must have copyright ownership of all photos you upload.
Do not upload photos that contain identifying information.  Protect your privacy.

All photos uploaded / emailed for consideration in the 2025 SMI Community Calendar become the property of Seneca Meadows, Inc.  You will be credited by name if the photo is used in the 2025 SMI Calendar, on the SMI website and on SMI social media channels.  Your name, town of residence and photo may also be used in press releases to media outlets for marketing purposes.

The final date for submitting photos is October 28, 2024. If your photo has been chosen for inclusion in the 2025 SMI Community Calendar, a SMI representative will contact you. Your name and photo(s) submission will be announced in the local press and on social media.

Email your submission(s) by email to mark.benjamin@wasteconnections.com

If you have file size constraints and are unable to email your submission, please contact us at the email above to make arrangements for uploading via file transfer.

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