Gas Recovery – Renewable Energy

A lot of companies talk about their commitment to clean energy and the environment. Seneca Meadows has committed to sustainability for the environment for more than 25 years, and has continued to expand the recovery of gas for renewable energy over the course of those years.

Our Gas-to-Energy Plant reduces greenhouse gasses, lessens our reliance on fossil fuels, and generates greener electricity for local homeowners.

The science is proven and simple. Methane is produced as waste decomposes. Seneca Meadows collects methane and transports it to an adjacent plant where it’s used to power engines that produce enough electricity for over 18,000 homes – all of Seneca County, NY.

The EPA has endorsed methane capture-and-conversion as a “Win-Win” for landfill facilities and the environment. It’s a clean energy source that will be available for years to come.  Learn more about renewable energy at Seneca Meadows.

Pathways for Sustainability

We are bringing our values of sustainability to our community through our partnership with Moore Dirty Boots. Lead sustainability educator, Kristen Moore, is bringing sustainability education to your local library, your local scout troop and your local farmer’s market. Join us as we map out Pathways for Sustainability.

Waterloo Library receives environmental & sustainability book collection 
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Would your organization, business or community group like to incorporate sustainability strategies for a positive impact on the environment? 

Stop by our tent at the weekly farmer’s market in Waterloo to learn more in person from Kristen Moore, and email us to join the sustainability movement, or drop us a line to find out more: