Economic Impacts

At Seneca Meadows, when we have an opportunity to purchase quality goods and services locally, we do.  We have always supported our hometown businesses, it stimulates the local economy, and that’s good for everyone. – Kyle Black, District Manager, Seneca Meadows, Inc.

Seneca Meadows landfill provides a steady flow of business.  The landfill is our biggest customer, and we never expected them to be such a big boon to our business. – Elon Arliss, Tallmadge Tire, Waterloo, NY

Industrial companies such as Seneca Meadows have a tremendous impact on local economies.  As with all industry, perceived environmental issues often get much of the attention – but it’s important for regional planners, political leaders, development organizations and local citizens to have a thorough understanding of the cumulative impacts that these businesses have on building better communities. Jeff Shipley, President & CEO, Seneca County Chamber of Commerce

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Town of Seneca Falls Economic Development Strategic Plan
4.6 Expand the Delivery of Low-Cost Energy to Local Businesses and Homes
The cost of utilities is high for many businesses and homes across New York State.  The LDC, Town Board, Seneca County IDA should work with Seneca Meadows to explore ways to provide low-cost energy to local businesses, especially ITT/Goulds and other large local employers that use large amounts of energy.

Town of Seneca Falls Economic Development Strategic Plan

Economic Impact News

STUDY: SF taxes would double without landfill July 6, 2016
SENECA FALLS — If the Town Board approves Local Law 7 and Seneca Meadows Landfill closes in 2017, town taxes would more than double.
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