Wetlands Preserve Reviews by You

Visitors to our wetlands preserve and education center have had wonderful experiences that they want to share. We love hearing these stories, and we thought that you might enjoy them too.

FINGER LAKES BIRDLIFE: Finding a place to raise a family isn’t easy
Sunday, June 29, 2014
With the rigors of migration behind them, most songbirds have settled on their breeding territory. The incessant song of the males serves two primary purposes: to attract a mate and establish a territory. Once the pair has bonded, the process of building a nest begins, and in some species is an arduous task. Birds like Baltimore orioles build an intricately woven nest far out at the end of an overhanging branch, while mourning doves slap together a flimsy platform of twigs in the interior of a spruce tree. Some ground nesting birds, like killdeer, barely build a nest at all — getting by with a shallow scrape in loose gravel placed right out in the open..
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Gothic Eves Bed and Breakfast
October 1, 2013
Seneca Meadows - it sounds romantic, right? Well you may be surprised to learn that Seneca
Meadows is actually a major waste management and recycling facility located just northeast of
Waterloo, NY. But what makes Seneca Meadows so unique (and such a draw for both locals and
visitors) is the more than 1100 acres of Wetland Preserve that Seneca Meadows created and
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Trip Advisor
March 15, 2013
Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve is a great example of habitat creation. Once known as the Dove Farm, the Preserve is now host to Least Bittern, Grasshopper Sparrows, AM. Bittern, Savannah Sparrows, Bobolink. This past year Dickcissels made an apperance on the Preserve. With over 7 miles of walking trails and 2 neat observation platforms it will keep you coming back..
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